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Beta_864, The blue forward and backward buttons


Hi all,

before I start to talk about bugs, let me say that the new Beta from a first glance seems to be much better then the last.

And so Roman, it seems you kept you promises!

I have not tried a lot, but one thing attract my eyes right from the start:

The blue forward and backward buttons in the upper left corner are very misleading and buggy.

As long as I have only one package open it works anyway.
I can switch between spec and body.

  1. However, the direction of the arrows are bottom up. From my point of view this is illogical and should be turned over.

  2. If there only one package is currently open, then never both of the buttons should be active, since there is only one valid (possible) direction to switch.

But if I open more then one package, than things become confusing.

  1. I had situations when I never came back to a spec of one of the packages. The switch happened only between the bodys.
  2. In the end SQL Navi became instable and crashed.

I have a recommendation to avoid this unhandy behavior:
Make these switch buttons only for changing between spec an body of exactly the current active package.
To change the package I would like to work on I personally rather would do this by witching (from one to another) via the tab section at the top.
I can hardly imagine someone who pressed n times one of the blue arrows to change from one package to another, because this is very troublesome.

One question in addition:
Is there a way to bring the code window to the right and the overview window to the left side?
I was not able to manage this, but I’m sure it must be possible.
This perhaps seems to be too ridiculous, but it is more familiar to me.

Now, I have to cook lunch for my family…



Hi Andre,

The forward and back buttons have been there from the beginning, and this is the first feedback on them. The idea was to have Web-style buttons to navigate to locations in your code you visited previously. Yes indeed, there are some bugs and I’m going to fix them.

To bring the toolbox to the left, use the right-click menu’s Toolbox\Align left.