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Beta build


Installed this build yesterday and today it says it’s BETA period has exired is there any newer BETA version to download?

Otherwise i think it is a great tool to use when working in HANA


Hi Patrick,

oh, yes, in fact it was released just today :slight_smile: It will be the last beta before our 3.0 release and it will expire in 60 days.

We’ll be happy to hear all the feedback about HANA features in Toad!


OK, thanks a lot, We will probably by licenses for this version of toad too

Where can l find the beta build The link that Daniel provides above leads to the beta build

Hi Nancy,

the link is really to the newest beta. We restarted our version numbering sequence so 122 is newer than 807. Sorry for confusion :slight_smile:

Beta build 807 is expired anyway.