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Beta period expired???



I want to try Toad For Sql Sever Beta 6.5 but after installation, it says “This BETA period has expired We will redirect …” . I didnt use this beta before so how can it be expired wihout using a single day?

Could you please give me information ?



Sorry for the inconvenience, the beta’s valid is start from the day we post and the next 30

days,Now it did expired, I am sorry we did’t disable the "download " button.

we are preparing for the new beta testing ,and will post in the next days,

thanks for your attention.



How do we know that a new beta is available? Last time one went out I had no clue that one did. In the past (pre Dell) an email would go out to all the people that a new beta has been posted. thanks,


Yes, the beta version: has expired. A request for and update has been sent to Product management.


Please post the Date range for all Beta Downloads with the Beta Version. Would be most helpful.


Hey, you are still alive??? Hows it going Hank?