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Data Generation:

From the Idea Pond - Idea #739

  • You can now use the sequence generator with character columns

  • You can now use the integer generator for numeric columns

  • You can now specify the string format (alphanumeric, lowercase, mixed case, uppercase, any printable) within the “random string value” generator

Open / Save Dialogs:

  • Multi-select is enabled for repository items

  • You can export repository items to your local machine by selecting the items you wish to export, right-clicking, and selecting “Save Files to…”

Version Control and Team Coding:

Added VCS Command Output Window

If set in options, Toad opens VCS Command Line Tab to display VCS Commands / Responses in the output window.

The VCS Command Log tab is session independent.

This is only available where Toad issues calls to the Windows command line to execute VCS commands.

The following providers are supported: SVN, CVS, Clearcase, Perforce, Tortoise SVN, and TFS External client.

Not supported in: SCC Providers, Visual Source Safe, TFS internal client, Merant (PVCS)