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Compare Schemas and Compare Multiple Schemas have been merged into one window - Compare Schemas.���

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

h2. Formatter

  • Fix (QP-2534) : Fix (QP-2689) : Due to a required change all list parentheses will now figure inside their list node. Formerly, they were positioned around the list. As a result, about all list constructs will now obey the List Arrangement formatter options, there should not be any “hard coded” lists anymore. Hence the layout of several lists may be a bit different
    Work on lists is still in progress on the short term.

h2. Code Analysis

  • New (QP-2467) : [ Rule 6740|http://qp5/do/view/QP5/CodeAnalysisRule6740] (“Assigning variable to itself (A := A).”) : New rule detecting assignments to itself (A := A).

  • Fix (QP-807) : [ Rule 4403|http://qp5/do/view/QP5/CodeAnalysisRule4403] (“Avoid unlabeled nested blocks.”) : Converted to XPath expression.