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Two things I’ve noticed:

  1. See the attached screenshot. I have one SQLNav open, yet two blocks appear in the taskbar, one with the SQLNav icon labeled “SQL Navigator for Oracle”, the other with a Windows folder icon that is labeled “SQL Navigator 6.0 - Xpert Edition - Beta Release - [Unified Editor - New query”. The one SQLNav was open for a while when suddenly the second block appeared in the taskbar after saving changes to a package in the Editor.

  2. In Formatter options, I have indention set for 4 spaces, but the Formatter is only indenting 3 spaces.

  3. Also, I agree with an earlier post, “Save changes to DB” in the Editor should be Ctrl+S, not changed to Ctrl+Alt+S.




Hi Clay, and thanks for the feedback!!

  1. How strange! It appears that the button with the windows folder is the one that is currently selected. Did you note where the focus moved to when you selected the other (correct) SQL Nav button? Is this a reoccurring problem (I’ve not seen it before), can you pin it down to a particular workflow?

  2. I’ll talk to Roman about this… I’m not sure how much has been don in the integration of the Formatter Tools. This a separate application to SQL Nav. But you raise a very good point.

  3. Yes, this seems to be the consensus. We will need to reconsider this shortcut.

  • Jaime -



  1. Sometimes Delphi MDI apps loose child windows outside application :wink:
  2. Cool, Ctrl+s is that what we need :wink:

  1. This orphaned window used to happen quite often with version 5.0 I can’t tie it back to any particular actions.

  2. In the Unified editor, I saved changes for a package body that raised 2 ORA errors and those errors appeared in the Errors section in the left hand window of the Unified Editor. After correcting and saving changes again, the package body is now compiled, but the errors still show up in the Errors section, even though they are no longer valid. Is the intent of the Errors section to show the current errors, and not all previous errors?

Are there any plans to create in SQL Nav a session browser similar to the one in TOAD? In my opinion, that’s one of the only two good features of TOAD.

  1. I opened over a dozen packages in the Unified Editor. As I began closing packages within by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the Unified Editor, the tabs that had been scrolled off the screen to the left did not move back into the screen. I had to click the left scroll arrow to get those tabs back on the screen, but then the tabs did not all appear until I moved the mouse over where they should have appeared.

  1. Yes, this is a known issue Clay.
    I logged a CR for this some time back, and although it did improve in a later build, it still isn’t as smooth as it should be. Hopefully it’ll be sorted in the next beta drop!
  • Jaime -

  1. The Errors window in the left pane is supposed to show errors relating to the relevant tab… but I was under the impression it should only show the current errors… and should purge with each re-execution within the tab.
    There is an outstanding CR to be able to clear the errors from this window (similar to the Output Window). There does seem to be some ambiguity in its function.
    Perhaps Roman can clear the air for us?

As for the session browser… Bruce, do you have any comments on this??

  • Jaime -


Hi Clay,
4. Agree that the error pane should show the current errors, previous errors would be cleared out.

Thanks for the Session browser request, we will take it up with Daniel for consideration for a future release. Will keep you posted.

Thanks and regards,


Agree with you Clay, Session Browser is what we need :wink:


Hi Clay,

Just a quick note to let you that both Issues 4(Error panel) & 5 (tabs not refresh) have been fixed, the new build will be available for you early next week.

thanks and regards,


Thank you Bruce.

Another observation:
6. When browsing an empty table in the Unified Editor, the data grid does not display an empty row as in the SQL Editor when no rows are returned. That would be helpful to state that no rows have been returned. I stared at a table for a few minutes in the Unified Editor trying to figure out what was wrong until I realized that the table was empty! Also, the execute, stop, and skip buttons were missing until I moused over them and they appeared. I have not been able to get that to happen again, though.

  1. Very good point Clay. I seem to remember this coming up before now… I will follow it up, and log a CR if necessary!!

I’ll also keep an eye out for the disappearing buttons. I’ve not seen this to date.

  • Jaime -


Hello again,

  1. We didn’t have a CR raised for this… we do now!
    Thanks again for the feedback Clay.
  • Jaime -