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Beta still going?


Is this product still being developed? It seems that there hasn’t been any development activity on this beta since April last year.



yes, TDM is still being developed. Version BETA was released on 29th Jan 2013. The commercial version will contain support for new database platforms or newer versions of already supported databases and many UI and performance improvements. Incl.

  • new simplified forms for Entity, Attribute and Relationship forms
  • simplification of necessary user interactions
  • new toolbars and rearranged menu items
  • new options for management of objects on diagrams
  • faster load/save model operations etc.

Download the latest beta version and give it a try!

Vaclav & TDM team


I did! I asked, because this is what I see on the forum:

Download Latest Beta
Posted By: vaclav – Apr 10, 2012 10:04 AM

04/10/2012 is the date assigned to the announcement, so it looks like the beta started almost one year ago.

Thanks for the reply!



thank you too, especially for your feedback and suggestions. The announcement date cannot be modified and there are other reasons why we want to keep it under the same post/link. But changes will come soon, fortunately.