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Beta version has expired?


The beta version has seem to expired? What’s the status on updating the expiration date for another beta version?




My BETA version is completely useless too as of this morning and the “latest” beta download seems to be acting the same–access violation at address 0000000 when attempting to launch. What is going on here?


Yeah, I get the access violation with, too. I must say making your app crash on boot is a weird way to timeout a beta…

Any news?

  • Lutz


I am also getting the error and hoping a new version will be available soon as we are in the middle of doing some modeling and I cannot access my most recent models anymore. :slight_smile:


Toad Data Modeler version 3.3 was just released for General Availability. Development team will work on a new Beta - meantime you can download Toad Data Modeler trial version on

If you need an override key for full modeling functionality during trial period - would you please email and they will assist you shortly.




Hello all,

Just additional information to Lenka’s reply.
At the moment full v. 3.3.5 is available. Another version 3.3.7 will be released soon.
Version 3.3.7 is a patch to the version 3.3.5. So, please remember to download the trial v. 3.3.7 then.
Let me point your attention to limitations of the trial version 3.3.x:

To ask for an override key for full modeling functionality during trial period, please email

BETA has expired. Beta download is not available now. As soon as a new Beta is released, the BETA download will be enabled again.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, please write me back.


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Dear BETA users,

We apologize for all the inconveniences relating to the BETA expiration.
To be honest, we worked hard on the new official release of Toad Data Modeler that will be released this week.
This upcoming version (will appear on site in next few days) will contain new features and also bug fixes for commercial version that is currently available.
Version will contain the latest code, it will be the most up-to-date version. Also, at the moment there is no other feature or bug fix that we could add to a new BETA version. That’s why newer BETA version will not be available for some time as we do believe there is no use working with BETA version instead of the latest commercial version.

Definitely, things can be improved on our side - to post notification on the community and disable the download link several days ahead and make the error message more meaningful (CR # 57 206) - we are going to change these things. We already improved licensing dialogs in Trial/Commercial version. BETA version will be improved properly as well.

Now let me summarize things related to BETA program:

  • BETA is just a BETA version that should be used only for internal, non-production evaluation and testing. We do not recommend to create important projects in the BETA. If you like working with Toad Data Modeler and want to create your company projects there, please purchase an official license. You will get a professional 24 hours support service too.

  • As advanced BETA users you know each BETA has an expiration date. After you download BETA and open it, the expiration date is stated in the Help menu | About. We plan to make changes to BETA version and the changes will affect also licensing dialogs and other notifications about expiration date. This is what we will definitely improve.

  • The BETA expired after the developmentally newer version of Toad Data Modeler had been released - v. So, there is no problem to switch from BETA to the new version (full or trial). All your models modified or created in BETA will work properly in the developmentally newer version.

  • The BETA has expired and there is no newer BETA version available. Let me explain.
    New official version is generally available (the v. + v. will be launched soon) and now our dev team needs some time to plan, discuss and work on other new features and enhancements for next Betas. As soon as there is a reason to release another BETA (when some enhancements are done and we have something new to offer you to test), the BETA will be launched. There’s no use releasing the same BETA version (although with extended period) when there is more up-to-date official release. Let me repeat, BETA version is just a BETA version, not an official version for creating important projects.

  • If you have any problems with BETA, please write to our Modeling community forum. We will be pleased to help you. Nevertheless, let me note that the community is not 24 hours support service. Our development team is not a support team that provides customers from different coutries of the world with 24 hours support services. Thank you for understanding it.
    Note: Professional 24 hours support is available only for customers who purchased commercial software - and the support is related just to the commercial version, not BETA versions.

If you have any questions, please write us back.

Have a nice day.


Vladka + TDM Team


Yeah, You could improve online store to avoid double bill on credit card :wink:

And one thing more – does Quest policy allow now to use your online store by customersabroad US?



Hello Michal,

does Quest policy allow now to use your online store by customers abroad US?

I’m sure the Sales team will be able to reply to your question (
Our TDM Development team and E-store team are apart. Nevertheless, we know the E-store has been improved significantly. Unfortunately, we don’t know the details.
Please try to contact the Sales department for more information.





*edit my apologies I have located it.

Could you provide me as a license key holder a link to the new full version please?

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You need to work with sales - you clearly have a need for product :slight_smile:


In response to a posting by Michal Beilamowicz …

The Quest Software Online Store is available to customers all over the world, except for parts of Asia-Pacific. Pricing is in US dollars. In 2009, we intend to roll out a version of the store that offers pricing in local currencies. Stay tuned.

We did have a situation prior to our October release where it was possible for a user to submit multiple credit card charges by clicking the “Place Order” button more than once. We’ve since updated the system so that the “Place Order” button greys out once you click it.

If you’ve experienced a double-billing situation since then, I’d like to hear more about it. Please feel free to respond to this thread or to send me a private message.

Thank you,

Mark Dykstra
eCommerce Marketing Manager
Quest Software


I get 500 error when trying to download the commercial version? Can anyone upload the trial version to a server for me to download?


If you have a problem to download commercial version - please email Support at or you can also call them - the numbers are here

Toad Data Modeler trial is available for download here