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Looking good. few issues (I’m not sure if you prefer them in separate messages or in one):

  1. If I have two queries, each ending with a semi, then run only the second query, it pops up into a new tab and runs. But in that new tab, I can’t edit the query.
  2. in the Grid, if you click on the fetch-all button, the cursor does not go down to the last row like it used to. Is that by design?
  3. In the Grid, the row# column does not expand. Once you get over 999, you can see the row# anymore unless you mouse over it.
  4. In the old grid, you could highlight an entire row by clicking on the row indicator on the left side. Now there is not even a row indicator. Is there a way to highlight a row, so you know where you are when you scroll to the right.
  5. In the Grid, the column-size buttons do not show which one is currently selected.
  6. After you execute a query (F9), you can’t undo (Ctrl-Z) any typing you made to the query.



Thanks for the feedback Charlie…

  1. This is correct functionality… originally we had it editable but one of our internal Oracle Domain Experts said that he preferred it to not be editable (as the change is not propagated back to the main script, and it would become confusing - especially if you edited many sub-tabs). But the vote is still out on this one… what are your thoughts re this??

  2. Not intended, I will raise a CR

  3. Not intended, I will raise a CR

  4. Regression issue, I will raise a CR

  5. Not sure what you mean by ‘Column size’ buttons ??

  6. Regression issue, I will raise a CR

  • Jaime -

  1. I’m not sure about this. I will use it some more and get back with you.
  2. The buttons are also gone to go to the first record and go to the last record. Can we get those back?
  3. This may be okay. It is when I scroll to the right, then scroll down is when I could not click over and expand the row#. If I scroll back all the way to the left, I could adjust it.
  4. Attached are the buttons I’m talking about. They are on top of the Grid. You don’t know which is currently selected.


  1. I’ll wait to hear your feedback. Perhaps a preference is needed (make editor sub-tabs editable). I can see that there will be people that would prefer them editable. But as long as they realize they have to manually propagate the changes back to the main script.

  2. The option to do this is in the context menu for the grids:
    Navigate to > Top / Middle / Bottom
    But I guess people will be used to the old editor!!

  3. Noted

  4. Got it!! Yes, these buttons do need to be improved. CR raised

  • Jaime -

  1. I would lean more towards the editable myself, but I haven’t really used it all that much yet. But a Preference would be nice.
  2. This is okay, but it is easier to click a single button to go back and forth than it is to use that menu each time.


  1. CR raised (agree with your comments).
  • Jaime -