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Bind Variables Include column

What's the purpose of the bind variables "include" column? If I uncheck it for one of the variables I get an error: "The parameterized query '(@FY_CD nvarchar(4),@ACCT_ID nvarchar(4000))SELECT AL1.ACCT_ID,
' expects the parameter '@ACCT_ID', which was not supplied."


Mnnnn...surprisingly, I don't know what that column does. I will have to ask around. But when you open up the bind window all params are checked and included. I can't think of a reason why you would not want to include a param if it was in your SQL. So best suggestion....don't uncheck.

I thought it might mean to exclude that column from the WHERE clause. The query tool we’re replacing with TDP has a similar “ignore” button which will exclude that field from the WHERE clause if clicked.

No, the bind var window doesn't really know about the sql nor does it edit it.

Too bad—that would be a nice feature. Does the “Include” column do anything at all if checked or unchecked?

If you uncheck it then the variable is not bound before sending to the database.