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BMF 6.9 for Sybase database

Hello Experts,

I’m trying to configure BMF for Sybase database load. I’m trying to connect from BMF server to Sybase server. I edited the DSEdit and entered server parameters but not able to ping using TCP protocol.

using Sybase windows client ASE 15.50 v4 on BMF server and Sybase ASE 15.5 developer edition database on Sybase server.

Please help so that i can connect to the Sybase server from BMF server.

Hello sunny_anthony,

I apologize for the delay in response, were you able to get this to work?

Thanks Michael for response.

Unfortunately i didn’t get this working and still facing the issue.

Hello sunny_anthony,

Are you able to connect with other tools?

Hi Michael,

I don’t have other tool to connect. For Sybase database, i have only BMF which I’m trying to use but not able to use.

I’m trying it first time hence not able to figure out correct steps/procedure.

Any pointers will be helpful.