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BMF load test with Oracle trace file


Hello BMF Community,

I am trying to understand how BMF would handle a load test with an Oracle trace files, for insert or update statements.

If those transactions have already been executed, captured in a trace file, loaded for a BMF test, how would BMF be used to perform a load test with those transactions? Wouldn’t the transactions fail with constraint violations?

thanks in advance for any input

Devin Gallagher
Quest Software


When executing replay tests created by importing an Oracle trace file, the data base must be in a state that will successfully execute the transactions imported. If for example, the transaction inserts data into a table with unique constraints and the data has been inserted before then an error will occur.

To get around this, you can put the database back into the state that it was in before the trace occurred, and then when it is run it should behave just as it did the first time the transactions occurs. Another alternate is to edit the transactions so that they are valid in the current database state, this may be more time consuming depending upon the number of transactions imported. It may help to use BFScripts and the SQL Preview and Global Search/Replace Features of BMF.



Thanks Tracey, this is the kind of explanation I needed