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BMF Native or ODBC Fail Over to Mirror SQL Database


I’m trying to use BMF to test tpcc user load while failing over SQL2008 from the principal to the mirror, using sql mirroring.

In Windows 2008 Server the OBDC configuration allows to specify a Fail over server, which i explicitly enter. When I test the OBDC object, it works no matter which is acting as the principal or mirror server.

When i initiate the failure during user load, i get a bunch of communication link failures in the agent.

I also tried to use the Native SQL driver, but that does not fail over the user load to the mirrored database.

Is there a way to have the BMF agent reconnect the users at the mirror db?


Do you have Reconnect enabled for the profile? To check open your SQL 2008 profile and select the options tab.


The Reconnect check box is disabled.
Here is a screenshot.


I believe you created that profile using the ODBC driver. Try creating a new profile using the Microsoft SQL Server (ODBC) driver. That profile should allow you to enable reconnect.


I’ve tried all combinations to try to get the “Reconnect” option, but no sucess.
Attached as ( are all the screenshots of the steps i did to create a profile as you explained. The last screenshot shows that Reconnect is grayed out.
Let me know how to create the profile such that when i perform a SQL server fail over to the mirror server, the users reconnect at the second node.

The SQL Server Native Driver 10.0 has an option to give the mirror server.
C-R900-IT1 - principal server
C-R900-IT2 - mirror server

This works great when i test the connection, perform failover, test the connection again. One profile can connect to both servers.

I’d like to be able to run a load and failover the server and reconnect to the mirror server.

Thanks (467 KB)


I am sorry, that was my mistake. I am using a pre-release version of BMF that includes some improvements implemented to address a similar issue. Please download the new BMF 5.7 when it becomes available after September 17th, and try this again.




FYI, BMF 5.7 is available at