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Started test TPC-C Transaction Mix

Agent Error: DB-LIBRARY Error (7,10038,-1) - Attempt to initiate a new SQL Server operation with results pending.

Agent Error: Unhandled exception C0000005 occurred in one of the user threads.

Can some one please let me know how to resolve it.

I can able to run TPC-C job for create objects but when i try to run TPC-C job fo TPC-C Transaction Mix i got an error:


Which version of BMF you currently use? please try to the latest version.



I have a similar problem.

We run BMF 6.1.1 with 30 Agents to stress a big Oracle 11g R2 DB server. Our test runs with 30, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 virtual users.

One of the agent gets this error:

Unhandled exception C0000005 occured in the test.

Whitout any other information.

There is nothing in Message tab on the Main Console, but the erroneous agent’s status is ‘Sampling’, while all the others are on ‘Iteration Complete’.

The Oracle alert log don’t show any exception, the server is kind of sleeping now…

This happens many time, espacially when many agents are connected and many virtual users are running.

The run is now hanging (for hours if I don’t stop it).

My question now are:

  1. Is there a documentation about ‘Unhandled exception codes’
  2. What this exception means
  3. How can I avoid this exception.

Thanks in advance.

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I have seen this behavior where one of the agents keeps hung at “Sampling” and all other agents report “Iteration Complete”. I have seen this behavior on earlier versions of BMF also. But I never used to get any exceptions. This is more frustrating as the only option is to stop the entire test. Also, you are not sure when this error is going to occur again…