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Boolean Expression Error


Am testing a function, and Code Tester is reporting a SUCCESS incorrectly.

Am putting in test data to cause a TRUE return, but am testing for a FALSE - below is the result output:

Action: Run

Result Description: Expression evaluates to TRUE

Test Description: You provide a Boolean expression and we evaluate to see it if is not TRUE. We then report the results to you.



For as far as I can see your case tested successfully. You are testingif it returns false and it returns NOT True (which is false, last timeI checked my boolean algebra). So, the test evaluates to TRUE =Correct. (Not True = False). Maybe I am missing the problem completelyhere, but I think it is correct. Although I must say, I was kindakicked off guard by the description generated by CodeTester. I think itshould say ‘Testing for False’ instead of ‘Testing for NOT true’ (orsomething like that).
Maybe your input values are set so that they evaluate to false anyway? Check your code for this .



Thanks for the post.
If you look within the image I posted, I added multiple checks for the
“Invalid” test, with two testing for NOT TRUE and one testing for TRUE,
and they all pass, which I find strange!



I can see that, but I cannot see the values of the input parameters. And of course, I don’t know the insides of your function. Care to share (post) them?



I am very sorry to say that this is a bug.

I am very happy to say that it is fixed in 1.5.2, which is just about ready to go out the door.

We will make an announcement in the Announcements folder of this forum (and other places) when 1.5.2 is generally available.

Thanks for your patience as we…

  1. Improve our automated testing of Code Tester :-).
  2. Fine tune this product from its initial release.

Thanks, SF



Thanks for the replies here - it’s great to know that I’m not going crazy!

It’s superb that this tool has come along (can understand the problems with automated testing - it’s a chicken/egg conundrum!) - this tool will save development teams weeks of work compared to using utPLSQL :slight_smile:

Many thanks,