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Breaking with general used to GUI concepts


There are several missing keyboard shortcuts and mouse menus in the application, all windows users are used to!

Some examples:

  • Workspace Tab has no right mouse button menu, I’d expect close here. The meaning of the 2 red X at the right border are not clear to me, which one closes what? And there is no mouse over highlighting and no tooltip for help.

  • At least the Print Preview dialog does not close with Esc.

  • Yesterday in edit fields I could not use Strg-Shift-Right cursour to select a word, today I cannot reproduce it…

  • We already talked about possibilities too navigate/move the visible area in a workspace. I still wish me an easier way to do a move like with the hand icon: When holding the Strg button during a left mouse click at a free background area and (holding both Strg and left mouse), I should be able to move the model like with the hand icon. I’d very appreciate this.



Hello Andreas,

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

  1. Right-click menu for workspace tabs - we will consider your suggestion - CR # 60 149.
    Regarding the red X:
  • the lower X works for closing particular workspace (WS that is active),
  • the upper X works for closing all workspaces of the model at one time - TDM will close one designer of WS after another, finally you are asked whether you want to close the model or not. If you select No, the model will remain open in the Application View. (So, you can open its WS later.)
  1. Esc to close Print Preview
    You are right, Esc is not available there (mostly in dialogs where Cancel option is not available either). You can close the dialog e.g. ALT+F4.

  2. CTRL+SHIFT+right key to select a word in edit mode
    It works fine for us.

  3. O.K. we will consider your suggestion. CR # 60 150.

Thanks very much for all your ideas!


Vladka + TDM Team