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[bug] Code Editor -> Find -> Regex -> Hang

PL/SQL package open, CTRL-F, Check "Regular Expression", then type


The whole thing will hang, boosting the CPU Load to > 30%. Reproducable. Latest Beta 103 here, Windows 10.

This happened because I stayed on the Alt-Gr key which I need to type the curly bracket. On my keyboard, Alt-Gr-2 produces an @.

Gents, is this the wrong place to post such things?

Hi abonhote,

Thanks for your feedback. Did the program hang when you type @ or }, or did it happen after you type the search string and press the Find button?


Hi Vincent

It hangs after pressing the find button.



Hi Andre, we managed to reproduce the issue against a big package. Defect SQLNAV-2272 is created for this.

Thanks Vincent. Where do I normally put this kind of stuff?