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BUG: Code Editor Horizontal Scroll bar.


I’ve been experiencing a bug for a while now and didn’t want to report it because I didn’t know how to reproduce it. But I’ve just figured it out.

The easiest way to reproduce it is to open a new code editor window, write a long line that will enable the use of the horizontal scroll bar.

Then if you scroll to the end of the line and delete what you can see (or any part of the line) on the screen you will not be able to scroll back to position 1 of the code editor by dragging the horizontal scroll bar. You will actually have to click on the < button to be able to get back to position one or you will have to do a line feed/carriage return so the cursor ends up there.

I hope my instructions are clear enough for you to replicate this bug .


Hi Gilles,

Thanks for reporting this error with detailed instructions. We can reproduce this issue. SQLNAV-1649 is now created for it. We will let you know once this can
be fixed.