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[BUG] Hang when saving Team Project after adding schema


I tried to setup Team Coding and found SQL Nav would hang when saving team project.

Step to re-produce the case:

  1. Uninstall Team Coding
  2. Install Team Coding
  3. Choose VCS = None
  4. Save, then SQL Nav warns that no VCS found and prompts to create a new Team Project
  5. Enter new Team Project name and select one schema
  6. Save, then SQL Nav just hang
  7. From Task manager, I can see sqlnavigator.exe process memory usage slowly increased
  8. I killed sqlnavigator.exe and re-opened Team Coding Administator, found team project actually saved
  9. I tried to add one more schema to the new Team Project, hang again when saving
  10. After killed adnd re-open, found data saved

SQL Navigator 7.7 Beta x64
Oracle Client 12.2 x64
Win 10