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Bug in Beta


I found a bug in the current Beta (Build 166). When you reverse engineer a model, and you select the check box for reverse engineer indexes (which is a default option) the process hangs indefinitely. You have to kill the session eventually.


You didn’t mention what database you are reverse engineering from, how big your database is, or how long you waited.

For my Oracle 10i database with 120+ tables, 200+ indexes, 600+ constraints, along with all of the views, triggers, and stored procedures it takes 3 minutes and 10 seconds for the RE to finish. That’s the average time of two runs with all tables and all options selected on a stand-alone machine that doesn’t have any database activity going on using TDM3 version

The same operation under the same circumstances on the same computer using TDM3 version takes an average of 1 minute. That is an appreciable time difference between the two versions, perhaps even enough to conclude that TDM3 has hung, but maybe you just need to wait a tad bit longer to see if the operation completes.



Matthew, as Bruce writes, we need to know more details. Thanks in advance for them.

Concerning the time difference of RE in commercial v. and Beta v., for next Beta, some improvements during RE proces have been made. As soon as the Beta is released (it will be v., please check it out then. If there is still a significant difference, please write us. Thanks Bruce!