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Bug in Latest build with column autocomplete


I have a column called DataFlexItemCat in a table called stocDetails. If I
type in SELECT DF… and wait for the column list to come up and select
DataFlexItemCat and hit tab (which normally would auto-complete) nothing
happens. The column drop down disappears but the column I selected is not
inserted in the SELECT statement like I expect. Instead the DF remains. The
column I selected should replace the DF since that is what I had active when the
column drop down happened and I selected a column.

Charles Haines
Senior Software Developer
P: (410) 535-5590 x1196

Recorded Books, LLC


I am a little bit confused. If you write DF before you invoke auto complete then
you wouldn’t actually get the item DataFlexItemCat in the auto complete list
since it doesn’t match DF. Also do you already have the table written when you
do this? Could you please elaborate with a little bit more detail?