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Bug in Model Information dialog?


If I create a new workspace, say “Workspace 2”, from existing objects in “Workspace 1” and I then close the workspace 2 still shows in the “Information About Model” dialog. Is the workspace still available? If so, i can’t seem to get to it. And, closing the workspace never prompted me if that is really what I wanted to do. Hmm.



A few facts:

  • Workspace (WS) is similar to submodel.
  • Your model can have many WS. They are all listed in the Application View (AV). From here, you can manage them. See the pop-up menu.
  • If you double-click a WS in the AV, a designer for WS opens in the Application Window (AW). Here, you design your model.
  • If you close the WS in the AW, it doesn’t mean you’ve removed the WS from your model. You’ve just closed its designer. -> The WS is still listed in the AV and also in the Information about Model dialog. It still exists in your model.
  • If you like to delete the WS from your model, right-click the WS in AV and select Delete Workspace.

Well, if it’s not clear, please write me back.

Nevertheless, I’m sure the flash movies I recommended at:
will help you understand.




Perfect. This helps a bunch. Thank you.