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Bug in TOAD


I just noticed this today while working with a table which has a blob in it.
Normally when you do a select * from table, any of the table columns which are
blobs are exluded from display. Well this is fine, EXCEPT when you make a
change in the results list and have TOAD make the changes to the data for you,
it erases what was in the blob. It appears that since the blob was excluded
from the results TOAD see it as nothing and when it makes it update, it replaces
the blob with nothing therefore removing whatever data was in the blob before.


Charles Haines
Senior Software Developer
P: (410) 535-5590 x1196

Recorded Books, LLC


Hi Charles,
It seems to be very interesting, but I can’t reproduce your issue. See my steps and questions in attached document. Waiting feadback from you.

Bug in TOAD.doc (79 KB)