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Bug memory issue or my memory issue?


Hi All,

I just downloaded the Beta of Toad Data Modeler. I had an older version that I uninstalled prior to installing this version.

I was trying to reverse engineer a model that I had previously reverse engineered in the older version, and I got the following error message:

Source: CS3 - Internal error
Script: REDataMigratorDBOR
Description: Out of Memory
Row: 6165
Column: 9

Callstack: REDataMigratorDBOR


Then the reverse engineering dialog box was active again so I just canceled the process from there. This particular schema is not very big and I had previously completed the reverse engineering successfully using the older beta version.

I’m running Windows XP Pro v5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_qfe.070227-2300: Service Pack 2) Physical memory available to Windows: 2,095,172 KB. I was connected to an Oracle 10.2 database.

Has anyone else encountered this error?





We find TDM’s memory management to be a problem.
We have logged this with Quest Support.

We are using TDM commercial version ( Beta seems to behave the same way but we havn’t extensively used it.
Generally any memory TDM grabs does not seem to be released until TDM is closed.

We are having to close TDM before and after any memory hungry tasks and before opening different model.
Reverse Engineer and DDL generation seem to be the worst.

Hopefully this will be addressed soon.




Yes, we are working on this problem. Main priorities for next version 3.2 are optimization of the application code, scripting method, speed and memory consumption.

Thanks for your patience!


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka.

I’m glad to hear you are working on it for 3.2 as I’m trying to build a business case to purchase the data modeling tool. What changed between and to cause this problem? The first Beta version I downloaded,, did not give me this problem with reverse engineering.

Do you have any suggestions to help me get around this problem? Thank you!

Best regards,



Hello Eva,

What changed between and to cause this problem?
OTPs have been implemented.

Anyway, I’ve just asked our developers for some news on the optimization. - And I’m bringing good news. :slight_smile:

  • They work very hard on this and already have good results. I’m happy to inform you that the improvements will be implemented in next Beta that will come out within a month.

Have a nice day.



Hi Vladka,

Thank you again for the information. I’ll look forward to the new beta version.

For others who may have experienced the same problem, I was able to reverse engineer the schema in small chunks of tables (5 tables at a time) and move them into a larger model together. It was time consuming and tedious since I had to identify relationships prior to reversing the tables to ensure I didn’t lose them. It was successful though.

I am finding more features that I like about the product the more I use it. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,



Hello Eva,

I am finding more features that I like about the product the more I use it.

Just a tip - feel free to watch flash movies at:

See the [Getting Started] movies and also others.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me back. Thanks.

Enjoy exploring TDM3! :slight_smile:



Hi Eva,

I’d like to ask you for your cooperation. Please be so kind and send us answers to the following questions. We would be grateful for your feedback.

  • Can you send us an SQL script that will allow us to create the database physically and test our application with a clone of your database? The script will be used for testing purposes only, of course.

  • Can you grant us access to your database?

  • How big was your database?

  • How many tables did you try to reverse engineer?

  • Can you send us a screenshot of your RE settings in step Options? (RE Wizard | step Options)

  • How many objects such as stored procedures, views, functions can you access with the same user/schema name?

BTW: we will release new BETA version soon. It will contain significant improvements that will affect memory consumption problems.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Vaclav & TDM3 Team

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Just a quick update - problem is solved in patch and also in Beta



Still have the same issue with the Beta


Hi Kevin,

Sorry to hear about this. The problem shoudn’t occur now. Could you please write us more details? Please reply to these questions. Thanks very much in advance.

  1. During which operation does it occur? (application startup, RE, script generation etc.)
  2. If it is RE, script or report generation, could you please send us your log.txt file? Right-click in Message Explorer | Save Messages.
  3. How big is your model?
  4. When does the problem occur - just when you start the operation or after some time?
  5. Does it happen repeatedly? If so, could you please send us your model? We will try to simulate the problem. You can send it to:
  6. What is the memory consumption in the time of the error? (Please press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, Processes tab, process TDM.exe.)

If you could take the time to reply to these questions, it would be great. You’ll help us to identify the problem. Thanks very much in advance.


Vladka + TDM Team

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