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BUG: Multiple Tabs (Models) don't retain model names


Whenever I open up multiple models in SQL Server the tab names are generic “RE MS SQL Server 2005”. This makes if very difficult to know which model is which when doing a model compare. I am using TDM BETA.

Steven Barlow



Please feel free to rename the model. Click the model name in Model Explorer or Application View and press F2 (or right-click and select Rename). Write a new name and confirm Enter.

For new models, you can define the name directly in the New Model dialog - CTRL+N | select a database and change the default model name (which is the db name) in the Model Name box | confirm OK.

When you open the Convertor dialog, you will see the new model names there.

When you do the reverse engineering, TDM always creates a new model. Default name is RE db name. Again, you need to rename the model.

In case of any questions or troubles, please write me back. Thanks.



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