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[BUG] Navigator 7.6 crashes when creating a folder in the save dialog and pressing ENTER

Hi all

It's all said in the title. Reproducable on To reproduce:

  • Connect to a DB
  • Type something into the "Untitled1" window
  • Hit CTRL-S
  • In the save dialog, click on the "new folder" button
  • change the new folder's name
  • Press ENTER

Navigator crashes without any warning or error message. It just closes.

Maybe someone with the latest beta wants to try this.



Hi André,

the latest V7.7 beta expired at the end of 2020 and no newer Version has been released since.
I'm still waiting for a fix contained in this beta. But very strange ... no release, beta, communication according the SQL Navigator from Quest since Okt. 2020.

Cheers, Martin

Abandonware? :frowning:



waiting for a sign of life


Email to Vincent bounced. Not a good sign. He was our only regular contact on this forum.

The writing has been on the wall for awhile, really since Quest bought TOAD, so it's not surprising that Nav is being dropped. It's too bad because the UI is far superior to TOAD's.


I can try to unlock expiration limit using cracking techniques, but I don't like using this kind of things

Yea, it's not about extending the validity period but about SQL Navigator's prospects as a product. Regular betas gave me hope Quest is not done with SQL Navigator yet.

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Yeah, looks like Quest Software is toast. From what I'm reading online, lots of layoffs, shutdown the Nav development group.

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Sources would be interesting (not Nav sources, rather Quest layoff sources)

Yeah, there's nothing official that I found, mostly glassdoor posts and things like that. Given the lack of response here it wouldn't be surprising.

Dead :frowning:

There is News!