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bug report (Sequence assigned to a column) and some requests


I found in the free version and I also check it with the beta version.
Oracle 10g.
Create a table.
Create a column of the type integer
in the editor of the column create a new sequence.
You can try to assign the sequence but the “ok” button is disabled.

If you close all the edition in the table and then reopen it it allows. (maybe one of those annoying saves is missing?)

It would be very usefull if the right button menu in a column could add it to a primary_key constraint or unique_key.

I think that some visual info should be given if a column uses a sequence.
When using the reverse enginering its not obvious what we need to do in the converter.
I tryed again with the option “close wizard at the end” and then the converter did not appeared.



Let me have a few comments on this issue.

Quick summary on sequences in your Oracle 10g model:

  • During reverse engineering you can load sequences (see the RE Wizard, step What to Reverse). After RE, a new model will be created. List of loaded sequences will be found in Model Explorer | Sequences.
  • In Model Explorer | Sequences, you can manage sequences - right-click the Sequences item and select Add or Edit. If you select Edit, the Sequences dialog will open. - Here, you can also manage sequences.
  • The Sequences dialog is accessible via the Attribute Properties tab as well. - See the steps you took. I’ve checked it out and no problem occured:
  1. Create a table, edit it and add a new attribute.
  2. Edit the attribute and click the button next to the Used Sequence (Trigger) box. - The Sequences dialog opens.
  3. I add a new sequence there, confirm OK.
  4. I’m back in the Attribute Prop. dialog, select the sequence and confirm OK or Apply.

What is the Used Sequence (Trigger) box in the Attribute Prop. dialog for?

  • You can select a sequence from the list of sequences. A sequence that you like to use for the attribute. -> Two new triggers will be created in SQL script then.
    Please press F9 and see the generated SQL script to see the result. You will see the Create Sequences section and two triggers created via the script.

The Used Sequence (Trigger) box in the Attribute Prop. dialog is just a tool for the script generation. If it was not there, you would have to create the two triggers manually.

Well, I hope it’s much clearer now. (Although, I’m not sure if my explanation is understandable… :wink:

You write about RE and Converter. Do I understand well that you try to perform Model Update? What problem do you have?
Please feel free to watch some of the movies available at:

If you have any questions, please write me back.
Let me also recommend you to have a look at the Help file or Manual. Just type a key word on the Index tab for quick search of topics. Thanks.

It would be very usefull if the right button menu in a column could add it to a primary_key constraint or unique_key.
More comfortable way of assigning key to attribute is planned. Thanks for your suggestion.