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BUG: Session Browser (expires 15/06/2014)

If you are on the Current SQL tab in Session Browser you sometimes get an error (Field 'TIMESTAMP' not found).

If you close Navigator just after you've gotten this error message you might get blasted with a bunch of "Access violation at address 006F6687 in module 'sqlnavigator.exe'. Read of address 00000000."

Hi Gilles,

Thanks for reporting this error. Could you please check whether you have SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN table in your logon schema?

If you don’t have it: please open Tools | Explain Plan Tool and click Create Table button to create this table.

if you have it: please run select TIMESTAMP from SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN to check whether this table contains correct columns. --> if column TIMESTAMP doesn’t exist, please drop this table and use Explain Plan Tool to create it again.

I hope this would help you to fix the error for now. Meanwhile, our team will try to solve the underline issue with cascaded AV dialogs.



Hi Vincent,

Thank you for the quick response.

My logon schema does have the table SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN table and it does have the TIMESTAMP column in it.

Even though it had the TIMESTAMP field I decided to drop it and recreate it using the explain plan tool to see if it would fix the problem. The problem is still persist.

However while it created the SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN it asked me if I wanted to create a synonym for it and I answered yes. It then failed to create the synonym because it already existed. So I dropped the existing synonym (it was pointing at a different schema/user). I then dropped the table again and recreated the Explain Plan table and the synonym and all works great now.

The SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN table that it was pointing to did have the TIMESTAMP field in it as well. So I’m not sure why it was failing.

After this little experiment I realize that it would probably be best that we don’t have a synonym for the explain plan table. At least not until we find out why it couldn’t use the Explain Plan table from another schema.

Thank you for your help again!