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Bug: Stored Procedure Editor and After Script


Greetings again guys,

I just stumbled upon something. I’m using the latest Beta and I’m updating some stored procedures in my model.

I open the Procedures window and then double click on a procedure to view/modify its details.

I then click the “After Script” tag and add some code.

I notice that the “Apply” option does not show. I click “OK” regardless and reopen the procedure, but the script I entered is not there.

Currently the only way to get the code to “stick” is to go to a different tab, say the SQL tab, add something (say a space and remove it) so that the Apply tab becomes visible, then click Apply then click OK and things work.

Just wanted to pass word along.


Hello Dillie-O,

Thanks for your bug notification! We will fix it. CR # 34 477.

Thanks again!