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Bug: Toad for SQL Server Beta Column identity changes do not produce SQL to change anything!


I cannot change the Identity of my Primary Key to remove the auto incremental identification that was original put into the design of the table.

I have the following table:


When I try and Alter Table (or Column via the row selection), I am able to remove the Identity to FALSE, but when I click script I have nothing’s changed!




Also, your forum editor here does not allow me to paste pics from clipboard! Another bug for you. I’ve had to insert them as files, using the media insert button.


Sorry for the inconvenience,

For the table issue, we had TSS-1200 for it and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Paste pics to Toad community, it works ok on my site, could you please try to use another computer or browser to try again, I am not sure the reason for it.

Thanks for your feedbackJ