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[Bug] Unable to close connections on intense queries



Most of the time on particularly intense / long queries, I’m not able to close the connection to Sybase straight away.

The alternate product we occasionally have to use is DBArtisan, which closes the connection straight away.

I’ve definitely found this to be the case for ASE 12.5.4 and haven’t noticed any different behaviour on ASE 15.

Is this due to DBArtisan forcing the connection closed / not confirming if it was? It’s one of the ‘features’ I miss about DBArtisan.

This can particularly be annoying when you’ve mistyped / misremembered a query, and it’s going to cause a large amount of data to come back.


Hello Michael,

Unfortunately, the ability to cancel a query has been a long standing issue. We will give this issue the highest priority as others have run into it as well.



Ah no worries, thought it better to raise it and check in case. :slight_smile:


Hello Michael,

Nice to see that somebody else spotted this problem

I raised this issue al long time ago.

See thread Impossible to cancel a script execution which was started on May 9, 2011.

I am bit surprised by the time it takes to solve the problem.


If the code is handling the connection by making sure the connection is closed before continuing… then there’s many parts of that that’s good. I think the way other platforms handle it is an unsafe termination of the connection, or just to leave the SQL running remotely.

I would like the option of unsafely temrinating it… or at least a warning if clicking cancel is going to result in that. Better than waiting forever. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Michael,

We are currently working on the cancel issue and I will bring up your suggestion. It will not make it into the next beta but hopefully soon.