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Bugs with Formatter in


Hi Team,

3 potential issues with formatting / the formatter:

  • Preview doesn’t work (Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Formatter -> Preview). It isn’t updating as I make changes to a custom formatter, nor will it update when I change the format to use.
  • A new line is always entered after a DML statement (such as INSERT INTO, DELETE). I’d like to be able to have 'DELETE

', then a new line.

  • In the formatter, under ‘Operators & Punctuation’, the option on ‘AND - OR’ to align to the DML statement doesn’t work. Instead, AND is just aligned left.

I’ve tried various settings to get the above to work before reporting as a bug, but I can’t seem to get around it. :slight_smile:


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Hello Michael,

I went ahead and created cases for all the issues that you reported.

  1. CR Number 104,013
  2. CR Number 104,014
  3. CR Number 104,015



Thanks Michael


Hello Michael,

Perhaps a little late but I’d still like to understand your request better. Could you perhaps pass me some concrete code snippets for both “new lines is always entered” and “AND-OR alignment” ? (current output vs. wanted output)