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Buil 1318 - ORA-22816



16:03:57 ORA-22816: funcionalidade não suportada com a cláusula RETURNING

I got this error when editing a column value
after a select (with edit on)

select * from a where cola=
colb and cola = (select b.cola from b where b.cold=a.cold);

This message apeared in a popup and in the output window



I could reduce the error to when comitting an edit of a value in a column
select * from a

where a is a synonym for a db_link table …its like
create synonym a for a@otherBD

I hope that helps track the problem


Hi Filipe,

Thanks for your feedbacks. It turns out SQL Nav couldn’t handle editing data through dblink. This is a regression from 5.5. I have raised a CR for it.