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Build 1014: cursor does not appear


A small annoyance: when I start SqlNav, I first get the Oracle logon screen (connect to a DB), then I get the “Welcome screen” (“Show Welcome screen on startup” is flagged/enabled). Closing this window, I get the Sql Editor window, but no cursor is shown - not even after typing and/or executing something. Screen shot attached.

Workarounds I’ve found:

  1. switch to another program and switch back to SqlNav (lose/regain focus)
  2. resize (wider/smaller) the DB Explorer pane a bit


Hi Dominique,

You forgot to attach the screenshot.



I could reproduce it once or twice this morning. I think it only happens the first time you launch Nav fater it is installed. However, later on I couldn’t reproduce it no matter what I did. Really strange!


Hi Dominique,

Nice catch :-).

the Welcome screen somehow steals the focus…We have fixed this by showing the welcome screen first.

The changes will be in the next Beta build. We will try to get the build to you soon to check it out.



Forgot to post the promised screen shot - sorry - but it didn’t prevent you guys & gals from reproducing the problem, not to mention fixing it. Thx!

Eagerly awaiting the next release…



Unfortunately, the missing cursor is still missing in Build 1028…


Hi Dominique,

Thank you very much for your note. The issue is still with/when closing the Welcome screen… We will send you another drop to check it out soon.

Thanks and regards,