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Build 1014: error message if DB cannot be connected to


When I try to connect to a DB that is listed in the tnsnames.ora file, but cannot be reached (because of network issues, in this case), I do only get to see an error message in the “General” pane (see screenshot).

Edit (connat -> cannot)
att1.dat (43 Bytes)


What kind of network issue was you having? Could you manage to reproduce it all the time? we’ve seen this one before but couldn’t reproduce it consistenly.

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RDR70P is a database at a customer site that is accessible through a VPN tunnel (firewall-to-firewall). It seems the main VPN connection was down, and we got switched to a backup connection that only allowed us to “ping” the DB server (no tnsping, no RDP/Remote Desktop/…) - most ports and/or protocols seem to have been blocked on this backup connection.
Everything is back up now, BTW.


New Year’s cleanup…

This problem is fixed in SqlNav 6.1 (displays a time-out error).


Thanks for the update, Dominique.