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Build 2032: Enable Capture of web output error


In Build 2032 clicking “Enable Capture of web output” gives error:
ORA-00942: Cannot find table


Hi Filipe

Unfortunateley I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Do you get the error when you simply turn on “Enable Capture of web output” or do you run some SQL as well?



I get the error when I simply try to turn on “Enable Capture of web output”.
The error appears in the output window and the button is still off (correctly).


This is the query that SQL Nav is doing:

select ‘x’ from sys.dba_synonyms where owner=‘PUBLIC’ and synonym_name=‘OWA’

The problem seem to be the use of dba_synonyms

In 6.4 the queries used were:
select ‘x’ from sys.user_synonyms where synonym_name=‘OWA’
select ‘x’ from sys.user_objects where object_name=‘OWA’
select ‘x’ from all_synonyms where owner=‘PUBLIC’ and synonym_name=‘OWA’

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Ok I found out the reason:

“Enable using DBA views” was ON when login on (maybe beta has that as default?)

If I activate that in 6.4 I will get the same error.

Couldn’t sql nav check after logon (or reconnect) if the user has the right permissions to use that setting ON? I think it’s not very hard to do and several reported problems in these foruns mention “disable DBA views”.



Nice find, Filipe. This issue is in all versions of NAV. I have created a CR to fix it. I believe our QA need to use non-dba users to test our product more :).