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build 2080 very slow


There are a lot of things that are very slow with this build. Reverse ddl for a table, packages, opening a schema etc…

Slowest build ever. I am organizing several beta testors at my company with this build and they also report slow response with this build.


Hi Henry,

Could you please let us know which build(s) you compared with 2080.

We could not identifiy what changes which could cause the performance issues you noted in build 2080. The major changes in build 2080 is to fix View Difference issues you reported earlier. Those changes are isolated in the View Difference area and it should not affect other areas in the product.

We would suggest that you can try the new build 2086 and see how it performs. Again please provide us the SQL Tracker log if you still have same issues in build 2086.

Thanks and regards,


2083 seems to be a little faster.

I am still running into the index out of bounds issue with sql nav. The only way to close nav is to kill it with the task manager.

Have ya’ll been able to duplicate this?


Hi Henry,

We could NOT reproduce the index out of bounds as you reported.

Could you please let us know if you have tried to use the preference to keep the session alive as noted in

Thanks and regards,