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Build 460 of the Code Tester 1.9 Beta has been published


You can now download Code Tester from

DO NOT USE THIS VERSION IN PLACE OF YOUR PRODUCTION INSTALLATION OF CODE TESTER. IT IS NOT YET STABLE ENOUGH. But if you do, please perform a full Oracle export of your production Code Tester schema and export your test definitions through Code Tester.

Issues Fixed

  • Building tests on object types defined in other schemas results in test code errors.

  • “Null column value for index” errors on line 4655 in qu_generate when working with object types

  • Variables names for function return values in outcomes that vary from “Q##function_return_value” (the default) caused compilation errors.

  • Tests on subprograms whose arguments include an object type may raise this error on generation: No parameter found for input index N

  • Copy Test Case in Test Editor raises exception.

  • “Infinite” error windows no longer occur. You will need to use Task Manager to close down Code Tester when an error occurs (only happened with certain errors).

Known Issues

  • The order in which attribute values are displayed in the Results Viewer is not yet correct.