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Build 484 of Code Tester 1.9 Beta now available


That’s right - just in time for Christmas, a new beta version, available from:

So get working, everyone!

Well, on a more serious note, this beta is the last in our “build” phase. We have frozen new functionality, so now we are in full test and bug-fixing mode. We very much want to know about any issues you might encounter, so please report them ASAP.

Happy holidays to all!
Steven Feuerstein

Check the release notes for details, but here is the list of enhancements and bug fixes for 1.9:

II. New in This Release

69598 - Allow user to specify from Dashboard the order of execution of test packages in a suite.
69461 - Change filter icon to indicate when a filter is set for program display and selection
69311 - Add “User Extension” field for inputs and outcomes to support mock testing.
69299 - Add pre- and post- hooks for unit tests and test cases.
69207 - All preferences are stored in a separate preferences INI file.
69010 - Tab navigation in Test Editor forms now follow the visual order of fields
68846 - Code Tester will now use any version of MSXML 4.0 and higher.
68823 - The default extension for export and import files (in open dialogue) should change
depending on the type of export selected. If, in other words, I have it set to legacy
export (QUT), then when I am looking for export files to import, the default extension
should be QUT.
68729 - Add QU_IDE_API package to installation to support IDE integration with Code Tester.
66976 - Change the XML import process so that the cdata start and end guids are replaced
with the original strings.
66694 - Include the description text for test definition, unit test, etc. into the generated test code.
66419 - Propagate changes for OT attributes list out to the existing and supertype test definitions.
66304 - Make sure that when doing an upgrade we also check to ensure that all required privileges are
available. User might have had a priv revoked since the installation.
66269 - Code Tester now supports automated equality checking of object types.
66264 - Make sure source window in Test Builder stays on top.
66263 - When the outcome grid is set to “Argument or Return clause”, you should be able to
pick from any of the attributes, too – for member methods and constructors.
64505 - Revamp Preferences window to remove unused preferences and add new preferences.
63514 - Add /Generate and /Trace options to command line execution
62041 - Support SIMPLE_INTEGER for Oracle 11g
59416 - Allow the user to specify that they want the default value of a parameter to be
used, that is: generate test code that does not pass a value for this argument.
58862 - Add new command line options allowed to remove results before test running.
58238 - Support direct connect in installer, just like the connect window in Code Tester.
51816 - Improve code coverage support: user can specify % coverage target and the % coverage
is now calculated, displayed in Test Editor, and shown in code coverage reports.
51672 - Allow user to test the methods of object types.
48217 - Let user specify that for a given unit test we should not run test cases alphabetically
but instead randomly.

III. Issues Fixed

69736 - Generate outcomes raises exception when attempting to drop temporary package.
69650 - Object type attributes were not included in legacy export files (.qut).
69609 - Tracing of large clob values caused error (ORA-21560: argument 2 is null, invalid, or out of range).
69426 - Support Toad integration with Code Tester for object types.
69428 - An object type member with a parameter of type table.column%type and the column is of CHAR type
causes VALUE_ERROR exception (when it should not).
69338 - Test package prefix not provided for testing of object types
69146 - An object type with a CHAR attribute raises VALUE_ERROR.
69105 - The grid for object type attribute value specification was losing values in both
Test Editor and Test Builder.
68948 - The total time of execution shown in code coverage reports is always 0.
68895 - Alter Type Add Attribute, will causing CT throw error on startup
68888 - Test builder does not recognize new attribute of object type, once a test definition is created
for that OT (even if the TD is removed).
68886 - Test Builder GUI bug - default value for date attribute is set to very old date when should be NULL.
68802 - Click Refresh Program List Button in Test Builder and received error
68797 - Make sure that all unit tests are set to active when a new ut/tc is created in Test Builder.
68777 - Variant type conversion error in the Result Viewer
68764 - The pre-execution section comes before the dynamically generated test case assigns the dynamic value
to the parameter variable, making it impossible for users to use that variable in their
pre-execution logic.
68762 - Set a value for an object type attribute using a query, the resulting test code does not compile.
68754 - Code coverage data was not included in legacy exports.
68528 - The “Quest Software License Agreement” link can not invoke license agreement installed on
the user’s machine in QCTO on the machines that don’t have either Acrobat Reader or
Microsoft Office installed.
68517 - Enter “SCHEMA”.table in the grid for a table test outcome and SCHEMA = the currently connected
schema name, then the value is changed to “.table”
67862 - Unable to open Test Builder for a program unit with a parameter whose datatype is table.column%type.
67471 - Unable to copy a test case in Test Editor.
67461 - VALUE_ERROR exception raised when trying to generate a record EQ function for a collection.
67460 - Incorrect variable name is used for function return value
67459 - Table specification with schema incorrectly placed within double quotes after import
67187 - Make sure that instance names and method names are prefixed by the OT name properly, when
working with OTs across different schemas.
66405 - The test element field in the outcome from program properties page is empty when the outcome
is based on an ot attribute.
66367 - Datatype is not shown for SELF.attr_name in the results window of the Generate Outcome wizard.
66325 - CT 1.8.5 will not install on Oracle XE (utl_file dependency)
66265 - Do not show Results Viewer is test code has compile errors after generation.
62890 - Make sure the outcomes are displayed in a consistent, sensible order in the Generate outcomes
window. Previously, the order would sometimes change.
62808 - Export Suite Error when name is non-standard name (contains invalid character)
62741 - Generate Outcomes feature trims trailing spaces from the end of string values returned.
59565 - Add horizontal and vertical sliders for query windows so that long strings can be seen.