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(Build 825) – various (from Alex )


Here is what my colleague Alex asked me to send it to you:

Don’t work:
· Save File and Save File as… are disabled
· In the PL/SQL-editor you can get the context of a package. You can choose a procedure. In former versions the choosed procedure were inserted with the parameters. Now the procedure is inserted without the parameters
· In the Outline all entries are listed as they are written in the Package. The old way to list them in alphabetical order is much better to have a overview and find procedures faster, especially in large Packages.

You have no chance to have the information witch of the functions or procedures are in the spec by viewing the Outline.
In former versions there were icons with the information with of the funcs and procs are in the spec.
To see the outline you now have to click on it on the panel. In former versions the outline was open when you open the package.

Regards Andre

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Hi Andre, and thanks for passing on Alex’s feedback…

  • The save stuff is covered in your last thread (definitely an issue).

  • There has been several comments from community members about the new way the packages are presented. So this just confirms that we need to re-think this area.
    Please thank Alex for his input… we will definitely give this functionality some more though and get back to the community.

  • Jaime -