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Calculating marks in mysql /php

The ngos will fill the NGO PROFILE online (PHP/MYSQL) and NGO ACCREDITATION TOOL (PHP / MYSQL) this will be filled at the mission office. Rating / Grading of NGOs is done and marks are allocatted to individula ngos on four broad parameters like (Governance and accountability/Transparency / organnisational capacity/ Program implementation).

marks are allotted to ngos on these parameters.

I am developing db in PHP/ mysql and i am using this navicat (managing different kinds of dbs oracle/mysql/sqllite/postgressql/) / phpmyadmin(wamp server it installs apache web server/ mysql/ php all are included in an executable file wamp.exe). wamp server runs on port 80 so it should be free.

Marks are allotted to individual questions and one ques is a summation of next five ques marks and now how should i calculate the marks in (PHP/mysql). Should i declare variables for individual questions and then do summation / should i write a procedure/ function in mysql / trigger in mysql.

assist me in this regard.
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