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Can Benchmark Factory present tpsE?

The Performance Metric for TPCE is expressed in transactions-per-second-E (tpsE). But I cannot find the value of tpsE even in the detail report.

Moreover, the report of TPCC shows the response time of each transaction and 90th percentile, but I cannot find that in the report of TPCE as well.

So, should I setup something to make these displayed, or BF cannot show these now?

Sorry but we have not implemented the TPC-E disclosure report yet like we have done for the TPC-C. In the meantime you can get the tpsE (which is the TPS of just the Trade-Result transaction) by looking at our run reports and dividing the number of executions of just the Trade-Result transaction by the sampling time.

As far as the 90th percentile values you can get those by export the results to Excel.

With version 7.3, Benchmark Factory now includes a TPC-E disclosure report.