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Can fetching in data tab be batched?



In beta .418, I’m using the Data tab from a table on the Viewer to browse
the rows in a table. In Options->Database->General, I have the “Number of
rows to initially fetch in data tab” set arbitrarily to 1000. Of course,
after I scroll down to the end, I’m asked whether I want all the table rows.
Most of the time for me, that answer for the multi-million row tables is
“no” and I have to go to the Editor and write a query.

Toad for Oracle (been using that since pre-Quest days) will instead grab
successive batches of rows as needed. This way, I can browse only as much
table data as I really need without having to resort to writing a query.

Is something like this possible to implement in Toad-SS? Generically in the
Oracle world, the database client (including Toad for Oracle) uses an Oracle
construct known as an OCI array to accomplish this “paging” effect of data
retrieval, but I’m not sure if/how it would translate to the SQL Server