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Can High-DPI be a priority for this next release?

Maybe I’m just being selfish here because I now have a high DPI screen, but isn’t this the trend nowadays? (To higher and higher resolution screens which will need to run at higher DPIs to be usable?)

Most of Toad is just fine at high DPI. What needs QA time are all of the configuration dialogs and wizards. They tend to be on “fixed sizes” which simply don’t work at high DPI.

Could you please assign a developer to go through all the wizards, and configuration screens and perhaps change them all to resizable and test them at 120 or 150 DPI?



Hi Darren,

I will write a request for your case, Hope we can fix this in the later of toad version. But I am not sure if it will be in the next release, we will try.

It’s not an unusual case I think , but we need to discuss when and how to fix it.

Thanks for your feedback.