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Can I change the Index prefix?


I see a new feature in 6 is that indexes created now have a name defaulted in. This is great! I was going to suggest it, but then saw you had already done it.

My question is this:
Is there a place in the options to set that default name? Right now it defaults to idx_{non}clustered_{tablename}. This doesn’t quite match our naming conventions. Can I change that default somewhere?

Thank you!



There is no customization place right now.
Can you please share your naming format as an example?


Sure. It’s not particularly fancy:

I: Indicates this is an index
{schema} - usually dbo
{tableName} - the name of the table
{someColumnDescriptor} - If it is one column being indexed, then the name of the column. If multiple columns, then the columns separated by an underscore ("_"). Sometimes that’s too much typing, so I cheat. But, that’s what we are supposed to do…
[_U] - If the index has a Unique constraint on it, then append the _U to the name. Otherwise, leave it off.

Let me know if you want more information! I am happy to help make my favorite SS tool better!