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Can I use Formatter independently from the need to connect to a db etc... ?


I’ve tried using formatter and it simply is greyed out.

Is there an explanation for this?


Most, if not all, of Code Tester’s functionality is unavailable w/o a db connection, so I don’t think you can do this.

If you were to use Toad, you could format your source code in your file(s) with or without a db connection.


Adrian, I am confused. You are trying to “use the formatter” in Code Tester? Can you please be more precise? Where is it greyed out? Formatter is something we use to format test code, but it is not something we make available as a utility to users. That is a Toad feature. Are you talking about Toad?



Yes, I was trying to use the Formatter portion as a utility for my own code formatting.

The dialog box appears like it is potentially receptive to this… but obviously I have been wretchedly deceived.( kidding … )


It has an FILE -> OPEN, to indicate opening a file… but it is greyed out…

I tried to upload an image… but my screenshot was apparently to large for upload…


btw: I was referring to this within Code Tester…


Adrian, you cannot use the Formatter Options window in Code Tester to format your own code. It is only there to affect how the formatted code inside CT will look.

You need a copy of Toad or SQL Navigator if you want to use Formatter Plus for formatting of code.



Thanks for the info.


Another unrelated question …

Is Quest ( guided by SF ) going to take QNXO to the next level? Or is the freeware version going to be the end of this effort?



Incidentally, it is wonderful already… and beyond anything I’ve seen … I was just querying to know how far I should go learning the current freeware … or if it makes more sense to wait for the new version and learn that… ( if the differences are significant )…




I am glad to hear that you like the Quest CodeGen Utility (formerly Qnxo).

No, I don’t think you should expect to see any new development work on this tool for the forseeable future. We have our hands full developing commercial products, which as I am sure you can see would take priority.

Can you send me an email please,, letting me know what you are doing with QCGU?

The freeware and Qnxo are pretty much the same. We put in a number of bug fixes in QCGU, some fixes to templates.

Thanks, SF