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Can Spotlight fire alerts on Windows Logs or SQL logs?

I regularly peruse the Windows and SQL logs, not looking for anything in particular, just things that seem anomalous or out of the ordinary. Every once in a while I find things that I feel I want to be alerted on right away. Is Spotlight capable of being configured this way or will I need another monitoring software?

Spotlight can create alerts off of the SQL Server Error Logs, but not the Windows Event Logs. To configure the SQL Server Error Log alerts, make sure you include a string to filter by in the Configure -> Error Log Entries configuration:

For Windows Event Log entries, I recommend submitting that enhancement request via the Idea Pond section of the user community, it's a great idea!

Good deal, there are SQL issues that I’d like to know about for sure. Noted on the feature enhancement, I submitted the idea. Thanks for the assist Jason!

Hi Sean,

I have logged this as an enhancment request.

Please note that this must still be reviewed by my manager before we commit to it.

At this stage I am not able to give you any details about if or when it will be ready.


Chris Pryde

SoSSE Software Tester

where can I find documentation on Configure -> Error Log Entries configuration? I would like to configure an alarm for certain entries in SQL server error log.