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Can we please get a right-click "Create Snapshot" option for databases?


Any chance you could add a “Create Snapshot” option to the
right-click context menu of a database?

For example, on the Tasks menu?

To create a snapshot of a database, I still have to manually write out the SQL
by hand:

CREATE DATABASE MySnapshotDatabaseName


( NAME =‘Demo Data SQL Master_dat’ , --<<

FILENAME = N ‘D:\Data\SQL2008\’ ) --<<


of [Name of the Mounted Database] --<<
database you’re trying to snapshot.

I’d like to see a right-click option to create the snapshot, automatically
fill in the logical name and actual name of the database with the one you right
clicked, prompting the user to specify only the name they want for the snapshot
and where they want to put the snapshot file – which should also default
to the same location as the .mdf file with the name of the snapshot supplied by
the user, but a .ss extension.



Hello Darren,
I’ve created ER81869