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Can we scale up certain SQL in an Oracle trace file?



On BMF 5.7, the imported Oracle trace file becomes XML and we can only scale up the whole trace file by a factor. If we want to scale up certain SQL (e.g. update/insert) in a trace file. How can we manipulate the XML file or with other methods?

Yew Wee


I believe you’ll need to go to SupportLink and download v5.5 to do this. Then you’ll be able to set individual replay parameters per statement in the trace file.

I think a newer version is being developed that will enhance the trace file management for replay scenarios very soon…


Yes, thank you. This can be done in a previous version of BMF.


The soon to be released version 5.8 will have a new session editor which will allow editing of the XML metadata file.


Is this change in release 5.8 as planned?


Yes, the new session editor is in version 5.8.