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Can you create tables/views from within the local storage space?


We need to be able to write queries that make tables or views in our local storage that utilize data from both Oracle and Access. We have been trying to figure this out and have had no luck. We do not have the ability to create tables in our Oracle environment so we are hoping to automate create table statements and then manipulate those table in our local storage in Toad. We’re looking to run a create table as query from within the local storage space.
Running a query and sending the results to local storage wont do because the whole process needs to be automated and it seems that the send to local storage function is a manual step.

Is there any way to do this or are we looking at the wrong product?



Hi Joe,

If you download Beta 739 you will be able to automate saving Oracle tables to
local storage. This is available now. What is not available is executing a query
from both Access and Oracle at the same time. That will be out in Beta in about
a month.

Here is how you can automate saving Oracle tables to TDA local storage.